Middle Keys New Beginnings
Local Families get a free day out with their family.
Local Businesses get business from their local friends & neighbors, with no discount in price!

Hurricane Irma is behind us now, it left us with a large clean up effort, and now it is time for us locals to get back to enjoying why we continue to live here.

There is a new program called “Middle Keys New Beginnings”, which includes giving away to as many Middle Keys families as possible a ‘Family Fun Day’.

With the assistance of generous donations, local families who are residents of The Middle Keys can sign up for a no cost ‘Family Fun Day’ enjoying whatever they want to do – – take a family fishing trip, diving trip, a family dinner out, or a trip to one of our local attractions to do the things we all like to do (like swim with the dolphins).

We want the Middle Keys Businesses to get back to work, and we want Middle Keys Residents to be able to take a well deserved break from all of the cleaning up.

The “Middle Keys New Beginnings” is a program which enables families to enjoy The Keys, and do what they most like to do in The Middle Keys (without having to pay for it).

This is a Program set up to get our local families back to enjoying our lifestyle, while patronizing our local businesses.

This Program is exclusively for local families who have been residents of The Middle Keys since before Irma, and
agree to have their ‘Family Time Out’ filmed and edited in to a short story about the lifestyle of The Middle Keys.

So if you are a Middle Keys family ready to have a post-Irma break from all the clean up – – – – send in your request as quickly as possible.

‘Family Fun Days’ are given on a first come first served basis, and as long as the money lasts!!!

If you are one of the many of us who are thinking that it’s time to get back out enjoying the Keys lifestyle again – give yourself and your family and day out as part of
Middle Keys New Beginnings!

To receive a day out with your family at no cost to you,
Send an email to family@MiddleKeys.org
Include your name, your address, phone number, and what of the four options for Family Fun Day you are wanting:
1) a fishing charter in one of our local charter boats,
2) a family diving/snorkeling trip with one of our local snorkel/dive boats,
3) a family day at one of our local attractions, OR
4) a family dinner at one of our local restaurants. . .

All paid for – – – – – including tips!

Please keep in mind that “Middle Keys New Beginnings” will be given to families on a first come first served basis and will last as long as there are funds to support it.